I built a general-use API-based E2E automated testing framework for Unity.
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I worked on this project whilst I was employed at Outplay Entertainment. Therefore, all copyrights remain with their respective parties.
The stack
Test automation

When employed at Outplay Entertainment, I found that due to the novel complexities of the flagship game, Mystery Match Village, new bugs would sometimes outstrip QA resource.

Always curious about automated testing, I pitched the idea of building a general-use API-based E2E automated testing framework for Unity to leadership, and was given the go-ahead to develop it as a side project.

Coders write isolated Actions that interface with game code, and test authors compose tests by mixing and matching Actions in a no-code editor.

The framework was built on top of Unity which means that tests could be ran on end-user devices, in the CI and on desktop.

Unfortunately, company priorities did not match up and I wasn’t able to take it further than the initial MVP.