Freelance work

Commercial Alexa skill that simulates your own customizable metronome through your Alexa device.

Handy Alexa skill for finding out information about studying the language Aranese in Spain.

An Alexa skill and Google Home Action lets you use smart home products from Otohom.

  • C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
Engines / Frameworks
  • Gameplay
  • User Interface
  • Game feel
  • Networking
Game Jam Projects

A game for children to demonstrate in an engaging way the damaging effects of increasing meat consumption. I was the programmer in a team of six, produced over 5 days for the GCU Beans Jam.

Winner of the Applied Games for Good Award.

Snailageddon is a fast-paced, local, multiplayer, platformer, shooting game. Developed with a team of 5 across 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2019


I'm a current student at Glasgow Caledonian University on track to graduate with a first-class bachelors in BSc Computer Games (Software Development) for June 2020. I'm excited to get started in the games industry and have found my passion in the field of gameplay & UI programming, specialising in Unity and I'm eager to pick up new skills, make connections with talented creators, and eventually be able to give back to the community. My dream is to help create incredible, meaningful experiences and become part of a growing industry.

Outside of game development, I freelance in the Alexa skills market, enjoy running and taking part in gamejams.

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I'm Josh Lee, a budding games developer based in Glasgow. I love gameplay programming and making things feel juicy.

I'm currently looking for placement opportunities for September 2020. Please get in touch at